Sunday, January 22, 2012


Survival is when you've lived your life in darkness and know there is nothing but darkness ahead, but still hope to see a light at the distance and want to live for that...:.)

Some One liners

  1. Files on the desktop are mostly temporary but those on my documents are always preserved.
  2. There are 2 categories of people ones who are talked about and ones who talk about the ones who are talked about.
  3. Don’t hate just because you couldn’t love.
  4. Combine passion and vocation and you have an elevation!
  5. Oil may be more expensive than water but at the end of the day its weight that matters.
  6. As you shunt, so shall you be shunned!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Some new trends that fb has brought in:
1) Telling everyone everything about everything you have done, every freaking time.

2) Telling everyone which place, restaurant or mall you are in, whether they are interested or not.

3) Uploading every photograph that you have specially clicked with an 'fb' motive, sometimes re-doing the  pose, if the actual moment is over. (e.g. a birthday kiss, a birthday cake smear, a birthday cake eating pose.)

4) Notifying a namesake by mistake, instead of the original person, as there are so many by the same name and you have so little time and you are in such a hurry to inform the world about what you are upto, that you do not realise that you have marked the wrong person with the same first name. But doesn't matter. The other person can also know of your achievement.

5) Throwing parties with the sole intent of clicking photos to upload later , showcasing how happening you are.

6) Bumping into people and obstructions as you are checking your notifications on your phone and not really caring much because the people or your nose (or whichever part of your body has bumped into something) is less important than the responses you are getting on fb.

7) Husbands wishing 'Happy Birthday' to wives on fb and later on forgetting the less important part of wishing in person. What better way of PDA? Of course the wife is too busy responding to notifications on fb and also to those saying how lucky she is to have a husband who wishes her on fb, to really notice!

8) Three family members having some quiet family time at home, as each one is busy responding to and uploading stuff on fb!

9) Artists, painters, photographers and writers getting less tolerant to critique as they are only used to statements like 'wow', 'fabulous', lovely, 'superb 'work', 'very well done'. Superb write up! Anyone who gives critique or development feedback is immediately written off.

10) Finally next- door neighbours excitedly running in and asking you to 'like' her/his post on fb!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The smile of death

The smile which dies before it hits the eyes is a smile which hides a few lies.