Friday, March 30, 2012

The 3 C's of ART

Between Creativity and Captivity lies the Commission!


N'art'cissism is when you like your own artwork so much that you want to buy it yourself!!


Excitement is when you have lived only 6 years of your life and know that there is so much to discover, learn, paint and sing about !Life... I live thee in my own terms,... I flirt with you, I dare you and I sulk with you but I love you for the taste of freedom !

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Talkers talk what thinkers think.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Modern Talking

Simple living and high thinking is the highlight of modern talking

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Living Death

We all live to die but we still die to live!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Drops of sperms do not a father make!


Between the worst and the best lies the normal.

Fool's paradise

A paradise is always a fool's premise.

Reality Bites

When reality kills, creativity spills.

The Crown

A king is the result of coronation whereas a leader is the result of recognition.


A glass house will always be just that...

Yap yap!

Those who are busy yapping will never know how to bark!

Easy busy

You'll never be easy if you're busy being busy

The Gaol

Life can be one big gaol without one big goal. 


Every God has had to dog it out at one point and every dog looks forward to being God someday.

Face Mask

A beautiful face may be a natural mask.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Woe- Man's Day

Hey you men..out there! Don't cry, do not weep, do not feel left out just because it's woman's day! I know you poor species have no special day. But can't you see that it's because you are already there! You are not down-trodden. You are already arrived!!!:).  Pity those poor women. They were in the backyard and always pushed to the background.They were unnoticed. They were insecure. They felt left-out. So they had to market themselves. They had to position themselves. They had to yell to the world..Hey PLEASE NOW..WE are also there.Come one come all... take notice. They decided to take advantage of this thing called International Woman's day. I seriously do not know what the main purpose of this day was when it was conceived, but from the media and events, this is what I understand now:

1) Woman's Day is to showcase how more beautiful the celebrity women are. Celebrity women means wives of Industrialists who have to spend their time and who do it to spend the money their husbands earn.

2) It means that women think they are secondary and behind men so they have to organise something special and invite actresses and models to host shows.These people tell them that women are beautiful, they are  strong. So after all this, the women start believing that they are strong.

3) It means marketing something as natural a process as motherhood and as biological as breast feeding  and making a big thing out of it, as if it is a feat .

4) It means money honey.. Money for the organisers, media, card - makers, speakers and caterers!

5) It means again that women are originally weak and they have to shout, holler and scream to say' I am there. I am strong. Since I was ignored I had this special day.' well, women are special, in short.

6) It means that the most over-used phrase of the last century has been 'Woman of Substance'. Poor Barbara Tailor Bradford didn't know her book title would have become so mundane:(.

7) It means sending text messages and clogging your phone with stupid strong woman messages.

8) It means having legitimate women parties !!( Come on you men naturally do stag parties..don't have to scheme for this at least).

9) It means showcasing 20 per cent of the rich women and hiding facts about 80 per cent of the real woman at least in India.

10) It means Attention, darling! Women love attention and this is legalised, organised scheming to achieve mass attention!

So men..feel good. You are just the envied lot. The benchmarks! Women are trying to be like you. Do not cry. Swell in pride instead! 

Good or Bad?

You don't know you are good, until you meet the bad and the ugly.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Between the worst and the best lies the normal.


Every House has a facade before it and a home inside it.


Talent is like a balloon, the harder you press on one side, the more it blows out on the other!