Thursday, May 5, 2011

The art of being shameless

Definition of "shameless':  " An adverb which means a quality possessed by people, which makes them see through and accept others' taunts and jibes without batting an eyelid."

Characteristics of shameless people:

1) They primarily belong to the loser category described earlier
2) They have half baked knowledge of things but nevertheless, want to take part and show off with their  knowledge as there is no risk of being discovered, as they are shameless.
3) They do not understand the jibes and pokes that come from people and sometimes pretend not to understand. That's why they are shameless.
4) They want to throw big ideas, but often when questioned about the topic remain clueless, but nevertheless, they carry on with the same techniques. It's because they are shameless.
5) They have the unique advantage of getting away with anything as any which ways very few reactions very few reactions affect them.They do not experience shame unlike normal people.
6) They are stress free as most stress factors stem from anticipated public negative reactions.
7) They usually behave in a pompous manner and talk a lot as remaining silent will leave them with their own realisations.They do not want to admit the public taunts and go on pretending that all is well.
8) They take part in baseless conversations.
9) They are occasion savers as when there isnt anybody to talk to, the shameless ones will always be there, whether you have behaved well with them or not.
10) Finally, they are great assets to organisation and, because bosses and subordinates both can ill treat them without fear of retaliation! They are great assets to the family for similar reasons.

Types of shameless people.:

A) People who are "somepeople" because of somepeople: These kind of people have usually arrived at whatever point in life/ work that they have, because of the clout or efforts of some other people and usually have no option but to be shameless, as they have to onever blige a lot and no disagreement is accepted from them.
They take shit with an open smile and think taking shit is their birthright.These types are found hanging around their bosses as yes men in the workplace and around their relatives / inlaws in the same role, in the family. they have never got respect in life and in case anybody gives them respect, usually in the initially few meetings, they cannot handle it and glow and gibber like anything!

B) Lonely people who are lonely because noone befriends them due to certain inadequacies: These people are clingers. They usually are self drivers but can drive themselves only to a certain extent, due to sheer lack of class, personality and competence. They are usually rude, shabby and unhygienic, for which they aren't welcome into anyone's company. As a result, they cling to whoever they see and gatecrash into people's groups. Because of being primarily people seeking but lonely due to lack of company, they cling to anybody and everybody. They take any shit and any kind of behaviour and pretend not to notice the shameful taunts.

That's shameless for you!

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