Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Added Vice!

I hadn't updated this blog in a long time as I had nothing to write about. In short I wasn't feeling very spiteful about anything in life. If you ever wasted time going through the long posts in this blog, you would have noticed that most of the posts were spiteful. Just as I thought that I would start writing other spontaneous thoughts on this blog, boom! Out comes this post..

This post is about advice.Giving advice rather!

Definition: Advice is a piece of unnecessary information that you give to another who is either switching off on you, or laughing and sneering at you from inside, while maintaining a straight face in your front. In short giving advice is about telling people that you are foolish and low on IQ and EQ both.

Types of Advisors:

1) Unsolicited Advisors: Advice that is given without being asked for. People who give such advice are usually people who think as highly of themselves as others think poorly of them . Greet them and you will get a piece of advice. Sneeze and you will get a piece of advice. Run away from them and you will still get a piece of advice...from them!

2) Seniors Advisors: These are people who are older to you and think that they know better just because they are older. They tell you what to do and what not to and expect you to listen to them with rapt attention. Only thing they do not realise is the fact that the other person is wondering how on earth someone could still be so dumb after having walked so many years on this earth!

3) Marriage Advisors: These people lurk around single people and tell them that they are sinners because they haven't got married yet. How can life go on if one is single? It's another matter that their own marriages are not working out or unhappy!

4) Life Advisors: These people give you advice on anything and everything. Want to buy a car? They are there! Problem with boss? They are there! Investment issues? Them! Buying vegetables? Them! These people are smug and happy in their own world.They talk so much that they don't hear the other person talking to someone else as they are busy giving advice !

How to avoid advisors: look at them and switch off! that's the only solution to escape from them .They are usually people with low IQ and high 'ME' factor. So they would not even notice! Good Luck!

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