Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Small towns and Big cities

Questions that small towners pose:

1) Are you married? What-not married as yet? Why?

2) How big a house do you have? Have you seen ( latest bollywood movie)?

3) How many children? What... no children? Why? When are you planning to have ..Big discourse on children.

4) Do you have a boy/girlfriend? Is she/ he from the same community?

5) Do your inlaws stay with you?

6)  Who cooks?

Questions that big towners pose:

1) What band of CTC are you in?

2) Are you looking at a leap in the next 6 months?

3) Do you plan to take a sabattical?

4) Do you have a partner ( for an invite) ?

5) You think a smaller vehicle would do for the work days as opposed to the SUV?

6) Are you planning to take up the job if it happens to be two hours away from your place?

7) Is it a 5 day job? Flexi timing? Work from home options?

8) Would you like to have a coffee break between 5 to 6 pm?

9)  Can you come home between 7 to 8 pm and leave before 9?

10) Is it raining / flooding in your part of town?

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